The US Secretary of State, one of the most loyal ministers of the outgoing Republican president, decided to stay in Washington to facilitate a "smooth and orderly transition" of power with the Democratic President-elect Joe Biden's team, according to the State Department statement.

Mike Pompeo was scheduled to be in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday to meet with his Belgian counterpart, Sophie Vilmes and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, to "underscore the enduring importance of this transatlantic partnership" which President Trump has often been shaken by President Trump for the past four years.

This visit, his last overseas visit, was announced on Monday.

But it coincides with the possible vote today in the House of Representatives to launch measures to impeach Donald Trump after he was accused of "inciting violence" that affected the Capitol building last week.

The Democrats demanded that a draft resolution be adopted unanimously asking US Vice President Mike Pence to dismiss Trump by activating the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.

And while Mike Pompeo condemned the attack on the Capitol, he has never left Donald Trump, unlike a growing number of Republicans.

France Press